Self storage providers are obliged to provide guarantees of some sort to their clients that their belongings are safe, which means they are in a business where security plays a big role.  For that reason, most self storage companies do quite a lot of things to secure their facilities.  Just one of them would be the careful fencing-in of their storage buildings in order to discourage potential robbers.
Another thing you should be able to expect from the best self storage providers is camera surveillance.  This used to be something only the biggest storage companies could provide, but it is fast becoming a requirement across the board for providers in the industry as surveillance technology improves and becomes more accessible.  Nowadays, it is actually rare to run into a storage company that does not boast camera surveillance for security.  If your company says it has camera surveillance, make sure that it is 24/7, by the way.  Anything else would be more or less foolhardy, after all.

You should also be able to depend on the company to provide multiple security guards with routine security patrols throughout the facility.  Ask them if they do patrols, how often they take place in a single day, and how many guards are regularly manning the area as well as the entryways.  Guard presence should be round the clock for these types of facilities, even through the early hours of the morning (or the late hours of the night, to put it another way).

It is also expected of storage companies that they install strong lighting all around the area of their warehouses, as it discourages most thieves from attempting a heist.  The lighting should aid the security guards as well in doing their job, which is to look out for possible threats to the storage facilities.

Finally, it is typical for the self storage facilities of the company to have a number of access restrictions. There should be a lot of measures like key-codes and identity checks at the entryways of the facilities, as these can prevent intruders from getting into the warehouse through deception.  The more the restrictions, the better for the facility’s security.  

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